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2019 | Photos: Somersfield Academy Bermuda Day

Children’s House and Lower Primary students at Somersfield Academy celebrated Bermuda Day with a Mini Bermuda Day parade.

“The rain didn’t ruin their beautiful display of costumes and Bermuda Heritage research. In sticking with this years theme for Bermuda Day, the Children’s House students exemplified “Bermudian Excellence” by parading as Bermuda’s best flora and fauna, athletes, invertebrates, mariners and more. Students in these divisions range from ages 3 to 9 years old,” a spokesperson said.

“The Lower Primary students created beautiful displays of artwork featuring stories and interviews with local Bermudian Artists, Authors, and Bermuda Heroes such as Edward Richards, Nadia Aguiar, Ellen Kelly, Collie Buddz, Carlos Santana Dill and Shiona Turini.”

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